Billy Currington has just released his highly anticipated sixth studio album, Summer Forever.  Featuring 12 brand new songs, including the #1 hit single “Don’t It,” Billy Currington once again delivers a fantastic album from start to finish. Summer Forever is a well-balanced album as he takes the listener on a vivid journey over the course of 12 songs. Several singles from this new collection will make for a great fit on country radio, including “Drinkin’ Town With A Football Problem” which is the next song to be cut from the album. The singer/songwriter strongly maintains the country theme while incorporating a laid-back, groovy tempo. The variety of musical elements delivered on this album is refreshing, and coupled with his brilliant vocals, each song is memorable and stands out on its own. Billy’s talents as an artist have given him a solid career in country music, which includes ten #1 singles, and are on full display throughout the album. Summer Forever serves as a soundtrack to everyone’s favourite season and is an album that can easily be on repeat, and still leave you Jonesin’ to hear it again.