If you’ve never heard of Emma Moore, two things: a) Where have you been and b) she’s a singer and songwriter from Blackpool who grew up listening to Shania Twain, Lorrie Morgan and the Dixie Chicks and boy can you tell!

Emma’s first single ‘Girls Should Do’ was released in October 2015, gaining international radio play in its first week and paving the way for her career as a recording artist. Just six months later, Emma was at the legendary Parr Street Studios recording her debut album with the UK’s top Country music producer Justin Johnson. Having produced projects for the likes of Raintown and Thorne Hill, Emma couldn’t have been in more capable hands and together they created Pilot. Containing ten songs in total, including eight self-penned tracks, the album promises all the elements of a great country album: love, loss, break ups, make ups and drinking.

For a debut album, Pilot is simply brilliant. Emma Moore has one of the best voices in UK country music, and here she has not only underlined that fact, but also put the text in bold, however, to be completely fair to her, saying that Emma Moore is a UK country star might just be a little misleading…she is a country star full stop!