Since Kip Moore burst on the scene with his debut album Up All Night, his fan base has grown considerably which has made his sophomore album one of the most anticipated in country music. By design, the album is built for the party as Kip Moore offers a look inside the diary of who he is and how where we came from has made him that way. In much the same way as “I’m To Blame,” songs such as the groove induced “That’s Alright With Me,” “That Was Us,” and the title track, all further his rough around the edges image.” However, he masterfully saves “Comeback Kid,” the slowest song of the album, for the closer which allows it to be the perfect ending for this chapter as he reveals that he is who he is today because of the ones that stood beside him and never let him give up. Throughout the album, he walks on the edge of country by fusing in his signature classic rock influences while keeping the lyrics clever and very descriptive which allows us to visit the places he is singing about as he paints the picture and uses his voice to hold you in the moments with him. Although songs will be selected as singles, it has been a good while since an album has been released that needs to be listened to in order to truly understand its true purpose; Wild Ones is that album.