Having a writing credit on all twelve songs on the album, and having produced it himself, Southern Gravity is clearly the project to finally take Kristian Bush out of the shadows of other artists, whether that be Jennifer Nettles in Sugarland, artists cutting songs he’s written, or making albums that he produced. Southern Gravity was written as an uplifting, inspiration album, with the man himself saying that “I listen to the songs sometimes to remind myself that no matter how hard life gets, you can make things out of the pieces that are smashed”.

Songs like ‘Trailer Hitch’ are so uplifting and carefree, a song that is really quite clever lyrically, and musically it perfectly sums up the album, this is also reflected on songs like ‘Flip Flops’ and ‘House On A Beach’, which have the effect of relaxing you immediately. ‘Feeling Fine California’ has a bit of a heavier feel, it’s not a ‘melodious song’, in the manner that it is more dependent on atmosphere for effect rather than pure melody as poppier songs would be, but having said that, the melody is really nice as well, and isn’t totally flowing which makes it more interesting as well. The more inspirational side to the album is revealed on ‘Walk Tall’, in ‘Make Another Memory’ and ‘Light Me Up’, Kristian Bush fulfils the need for a couple of incredibly catchy potential-singles that country radio should, and probably will, pick up since with the rich, heavier instrumental backing provides the steady, rocky beat which is all the vogue at the moment. ‘Light Me Up’ in particular is really great, with a melody that just keeps going.

As you will have picked up, ‘Southern Gravity’ is as chilled as they come, but instead of feeling forced to follow trends, Kristian Bush’s voice sounds like it was made for this style of music, and the atmosphere created by the album is terrific. Whilst I like all of the songs on a lot of albums, ‘Southern Gravity’ does what an album should, and ties all of the songs under a common theme, making the sum greater than the sum of the parts, which is saying something, because the parts are pretty darn good!