Lorrie Morgan spent most of the 2010s quietly, teaming up with Pam Tillis for Dos Divas, but otherwise keeping her powder dry until Letting Go…Slow, her first solo album since A Moment In Time in 2009. Released on an indie label, Letting Go…Slow feels as hushed as its title suggests, proceeding at a relaxed gait as she alternates between covers and originals.

She’s not beyond throwing a curveball – Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay” bounces to a slight reggae lilt, and she picks up the tempo on the wry, funny, original “Jesus & Hairspray” – but this feels handsomely settled, the arrangements are spare but not skeletal, pushing focus on the warmth of Lorrie Morgan’s voice. What’s best about Letting Go…Slow though, is its relaxed conversational intimacy: this plays not like a letter from a star but like a long, lazy talk between old friends.