There is a great deal of buzz swirling around Nashville concerning Maren Morris. From listening to her debut EP, it’s easy to hear why. The Texas native has all the intangibles that you need to make it in today’s unpredictable climate – she’s got the vocal chops, the delivery, and the looks to set herself apart from the pack. There are, after all, many artists in Music City who are blessed with a great voice and range and with looks. But, all of that would be for nothing if she didn’t have the most important ingredient for any new artist – incredible songs. Maren Morris leads off this introductory set with the confessional three-minutes-of-truth power of “My Church,” where she details how music is still the greatest healer in times of darkness and despair that one can cling to. I would say that it might be a little too deep for radio, but with the recent wins by Chris Stapleton at the CMA Awards, who knows? The song might find favour with a widespread audience. It certainly deserves to.

She then swings into another artistic dimension with “80’s Mercedes,” which brings to mind some of the 90s sounds of Alanis Morrisette and Meredith Brooks. The melodic feel of the song propels it into another stratosphere. That pop sheen continues on “Company You Keep,” which exploits that field rather well, especially with its’ bouncy sound and sing-a-long lyrics.

Maren Morris isn’t afraid to lay her deepest emotions on the line, especially on the frank lyrical content of “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry.” While there might have to be some edits at radio, I think this could very well could be worth taking a look at as a single. It’s an emotion that a lot of women have felt over the years.

The disc is rounded out by the soulful strains of “I Wish I Was,” where she struts her vocal abilities – and then some. Actually, any of these five could be taken seriously as singles. Many have said, hopefully, that the pendulum might just be swinging toward something a little more different and organic. Maren Morris is just that artist.